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Love Begins Here Core Team Minister

Diocese of Green Bay
April 28, 2024
1825 Riverside Drive, Green Bay, WI
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The Diocese of Green Bay is seeking a Core Team Minister for the summer.

A Love Begins Here Core Team Minister leads LBH Missionaries and chaperones in service, prayer, and reflections on mission trips. They are responsible for caring for the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of missionaries, chaperones, and other Core Team Members at all times. Although the day-to-day tasks of this position may sometimes seem secular and routine, the entire purpose of this position is to assist in the mission of the Catholic Church in helping all people meet the person of Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, in a life-changing way. Effective participation in this mission depends at least as much upon example and witness as upon the specific tasks performed. Thus, it is imperative that the employee exercise sound discretionary judgment in their pursuit of these religious objectives and that their words, actions, and attitude reflect the ministerial nature and purpose of this position. Love Begins Here typically runs June through mid-July.

The mission weeks for 2024 are:

Training will be May 28-31

Mission week 1 will be June 10-13
Mission week 2 will be June 17-20
Mission week 3 will be July 8-11.

A Core Team Member should be at least 21 years of age and have passed insurance screening in order to drive missionaries in vehicles.

Must be a practicing Catholic

If you have a passion for bringing youth to Jesus Christ and are flexible with your schedule during the summer, we would love to hear from you.

For more information and to apply please visit www.gbdioc.org/careers

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