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As we finish Lent, keep your eyes on the prize: Jesus

Brothers and Sisters, Easter is approaching, but before we jump to Easter, let’s finish Lent and Holy Week on a high note.

How has your Lent been going? Sometimes we feel very close to Jesus, and we fulfill our Lenten commitments. At other times, Lent may feel dry, or we don’t achieve the success in our commitments we had hoped for.

Wherever you are in your Lenten journey, there is no need to look back — set your eyes on the prize and seek Jesus with all your heart today! Seize the day today and ask Jesus into your heart and your Lenten journey right now. … Yes, right now!

Jesus, I invite you into my heart. I give you all my Lenten successes and failures. I give you all my prayer, fasting and almsgiving and ask you to bless this small offering and turn it into something beautiful. Help me to live these last few days of Lent well and give me the grace to enter into Holy Week with fervor and a deep desire to unite myself with you and your cross. May I have the grace to walk with you through the Last Supper, into the garden, to stand with you before Pilate and take up my cross with you to Calvary. Lord, when we get to Calvary, help me to unite my suffering, my sins, my whole self to you on the Cross. So that, in dying with you, I may rise with you on Easter morning!

Holy Spirit, every Mass you re-present Calvary to us, help me this Holy Week to experience Jesus Christ’s passion, death and resurrection anew, so that I can share this redemptive sacrifice with everyone I meet. Amen.

Amen, so be it.

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